Friday, December 28, 2012

Taronga Zoo 28th December 2012

Had a free pass to the Zoo that had to be used by the 31st of this month, so today's outing I was off to the deepest jungles, the frozen ice lands and the driest deserts of the world.
As I don't have a passport I would just have to settle on a trip by ferry to Taronga Zoo. Usually on my Fridays out I would, at most, only see 1 to 6 people but, today I had to share with 1000's, and it was a little off puting. Although Taronga is a very green and leafy place it is not a Botanical Garden and so it was a little difficult to get as many photos as I was hoping for (especially when everyone else was there to photograph the animals).
Don't know but it smelt nice, large tree..

There were a lot of native rain forest plantings.

At first I thought the flower the Lorrikeet was feeding on
was a Black Bean but now I'm not sure.

A Ginger flower.

This Cordyline leaf imitates a flame.

A Cactus flower overlooks 2 Andean Condors.
Fruits of a native Fig.
A Kangaroo Paw of the floral kind.
The Floral clock, which has been here since 1928.
Flower and fruits of a Davidson Plum.
Westringia 'Wynyabbie Gem' .
Tree Waratah  -  Alloxylon flammeum .
Grevillea 'Honey Gem'.

An unfurling Tree Fern frond resembles an elephant's trunk.

A Cabbage palm stands tall over-looking
 the City.

Another native fig.
Stream lily in flower.
 ( I wish mine would flower)
FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.       The Wildlife From Today.

Spotted Deer

Meekat, the kids favourite.
 Carlos, or is it Mozart.

Giraffes, nowhere to hide.

A very protective mother.

Purple-crowned Fruit Dove.

On reflection he's not as bad as he looks.

Echidna. Anyone home?

Comodo Dragon.

Koala has a rest after doing 50 pull-ups.
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Friday, December 21, 2012

At Home on Christmas Week, 21st December.

Vounteer work at the nursery and then their Christmas Party gave me little time to go far but instead
 gave me the opportunity to get some photos taken in the 'home' back paddock.
Hibiscus geranioides  -  'Castaways'.  (native)

Euphorbia milii  -  'Somona'  (Crown of Thorns)

Brachycome    (native daisy)

These little fruits of this Saltbush explode in your
mouth like little rice-bubbles.  (native)
Bracteantha 'Strawburst'.  (native) 

Pineapple, which was planted by Lynn's

NSW Christmas Bush.  (native)
This was in a mixed packet of seed.

Grevillea juniperina  -  Juniper-leaved Grevillea.  (native)

Philydrum lanuginosum  - 
Wooly Frogs Mouth.  (native)
Blue Marguerite  -  Felicia amelloides
 Mentha sp.  (one of the native mints)

Crowea 'Poorlnda Ecstasy'.  (native)

Scaevola aemula  -  Fairy Fan-flower.  (native)

Correa reflexa  -  Native Fuchsia.
Solanum aviculare  -  Kangaroo Apple
Sweet Bursaria / Blackthorn  (native)
This is my 'Christmas Bush'.
The almost overpowering scent of the upside-down Orchid,
Stanhopea tigrina, can't be missed when it's in flower.

A collection of Pelargoniums.

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.       The Wildlife From Today.

One of the local Skipper Butterflies.

Water Skink.

Neon Cuckoo Bee  -  Thyreus nitidulus.

Neon Cuckoo Bee  -  Thyreus nitidulus.

Stephanopis barbipes (male).  One of the 'crab' spiders.

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