Friday, May 25, 2012

Burrendong Botanic Garden & Arboretum - Wellington NSW 25th May 2012

Hakea clavata
Grevillea maxwellii
Fern Gully. A rainforest established in the central slopes of NSW.
Chamelaucium uncinatum  -  Geralton Wax
Hakia laurina  -  Pincushion Hakea
Hakia orthorrhyncha and seed capsule.
The flowers of Eucalyptus websteriana take their first peek
at the world.
Grevillea sp.    (no label)
Grevillea sp.    (no label)
Hakea sp.    (no label)
Spectacular leaves of Hakea victoria  - Royal Hakea.
Hakea cristata
Eucalyptus kruseana
Kunzea pulchella
Callistemon montanus
Banksia baueri  -  Possum Banksia
Banksia baueri - Possum Banksia
(no label)
Grevillea pimeleoides
Eucalyptus pyriformis var. elongata  -  Pear-fruited Mallee.
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Rumsey Rose Garden - Parramatta NSW 18th May 2012

 The Rumsey Rose Garden was opened in 1995 after being established to display the heritage rose collection that was donated by Heather and Roy Rumsey to the City of Parramatta.
For generations this area was originally part of the home territory of the Burramatta clan of the Darug Aboriginal people.
In 1790 it was recorded that there were 24 convict carpenters and 16 convict sawyers employed in the government lumber yard that was here after the establishment of the colonial settlement of Rose Hill. In 1815 the lumber yard was relocated and became part of the Governor's Private Domain. The Rose Hill Bowling Club built a club house with bowling greens, croquet lawns and tennis courts. These buildings were demolished in the 1980's.
(All the names were taken from lables if they had them).
Hips of Frau Dagmar Hastrup
Rosa roxburghii plena
Flowers and hips    (unlabeled)
unlabeled climber


Crepuscule   (cimber)

Marie van Houtte
General Gallieni
Archiduc Joseph
Marie van Houtte
Marie van Houtte with a visitor
Caught in a gossamer web
Hips on Rosa rugosa alba
Thorns of Rosa rugosa alba
Thorns of Rosa rugosa alba
Scent of a different kind - Murraya paniculata
Autumn colour carpet
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Secret Garden & Nursery - Richmond NSW 11th May 2012

  is a not-for profit public garden & nursery set on 5 acres in the grounds of the University of Western Sydney at Richmond. Proceeds from plant sales fund the Food for Thought program for people with mental illness and disabilities.

As the garden is run mainly by volunteers, labeling of the plants is not 100% but they are very willing  to help with your selections. Cottage type plants, with a large range of Savias dominating, some natives,  veggies and herbs are avalable. Chooks and ducks roam the garden and there are pigs, goats, and rabbits in pens to entertain visitors.

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