Friday, April 26, 2013

Royal National Park, Forest Walk. 26th April 2013.

Flowerless Flora Friday.  Well this was a first.........not one flower, well not in the true sense.
Today I went out hoping to find some fungi, as now (autumn) is usually fungi time. Luckily flowers weren't my true target as I didn't see one flower on this nearly 5km walk and I was starting to worry that today's episode would be a blank sheet. It was an interesting walk and as one of the dominant trees was the cabbage palm, which meant rain forest and that also meant ferns, so I was able to find enough to keep me occupied.
 I have little idea as to what species the fungi are, so they are all just 'Fungi'.
 121kms round trip.
Fungal 'Opera House'.

Not now, not ever.
Livistona australis  -  Cabbage Tree Palm.
Spines on Livistona australis  -  Cabbage Tree Palm.
It stopped me from eating them.
Adiantum formosum  -
  Giant Maidenhair, Black Stem Maidenhair Fern.
Fingers of moss coming to get you.
Fungi from the top...........
.......and a crusty bottom.
Asplenium australasicum  -  Bird's Nest Fern.
Fungi x 2.
Platycerium bifurcatum  -  Elkhorn Fern.
Seed head of a Austrostipa sp.  (grass).
The empty restaurant.
Fruits and seeds of a Gahnia sp.
Top and bottom, a bracket fungi.
A dusting of spores.
Blechnum cartilagineum  -  Gristle fern.
Doodia caudata  -  Small Rasp Fern.
FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.                 Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.
Wonder Brown (Heteronympha mirifica)  Female.



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Friday, April 19, 2013

Blue Mountains National Park - Kings Tableland 19th April 2013

My first visit to this very interesting part of the Blue Mountains, and a new plant (Persoonia acerosa) for me as a bonus. All today's plants were found by just driving slowly along the road with very little walking involved.  179kms round trip.

View from Flat Rock lookout.
Stylidium lineare  -  Narrow-leaf Trigger Plant.
Banksia marginata  -  Silver Banksia.

Persoonia acerosa  -  Mossy Geebung.
  This species is listed as vulnerable on the
Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 (NSW).

Leptospermum squarrosum  -  Pink Tea-tree.
Fungi.     Boletellus sp. ???

Hibbertia sp.
I keep taking photos of this family but still not sure on
which species is which.

Amyema pendulum subsp. pendulum  -  Drooping Mistletoe.

Epacris pulchella - NSW Coral Heath.
Grevillea mucronulata  -  Green Spider-flower.
Banksia marginata  -  Silver Banksia.

Lichen 'flowers'.

Persoonia chamaepitys  -  Prostrate Geebung.

Fruiting parts, clockwise:  Hakea propinqua, Lambertia formosa (triplets), Allocasuarina nana, Callitris muelleri .
Xanthorrhoea sp  -  Grass Tree.
Growing alone under sandstone overhang.
Marsdenia suaveolens  -  Sweet Scented Doubah.
Lichen on tree trunk.
Hanging on. 
  "I got this spot for the view."
(maybe???)  Monotoca scoparia
 -  Prickly Broom Heath.
Being enjoyed by a feral honeybee.
not sure
Banksia spinulosa  -  Hairpin Banksia.
FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.       Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.
Rock Warbler.
Only found around Sydney sandstone.
Bull Ant.

Mainland She-oak Skink.
                                                          Acting like a snake.

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